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Written by Dan Gordon.

Directed by Thomas J. Wright

As Duncan MacLeod and his partner Tessa Noel enjoy their love-making in the loft adjacent to their antique store, a young street-kid named Richie Ryan breaks into the shop below. He is about to help himself to several of the treasures when Duncan feels the presence of another Immortal nearby. As Duncan grabs his sword, ready to confront the intruder, the man known as Slance Quince crashes through the skylight.

But which MacLeod has Quince has come for? It’s a different MacLeod that’s steps from the shadows… Duncan’s mentor Connor MacLeod who takes up the fight. Quince escapes and the stunned Richie is aware he’s stepped into something much bigger than he realised. In return for not pressing charges, Duncan convinces Richie to forget what he saw… but as Connor decides to stay for a while, it’s clear that Quince is simply biding his time. Which MacLeod will take him on next?

Starring: Adrian Paul (as Duncan MacLeod), Alexandra Vandernoot (as Tessa Noel), Stan Kirsch (as Richie Ryan)

Also featuring: Christopher Lambert (as Connor MacLeod), Richard Moll (as Slan Quince), Wendell Wright (as Sgt. Powell)

ACTUAL VANCOUVER LOCATIONS (with Google Map References)…

MacLeod & Noël Antiques exterior (Blood Alley Square, Vancouver; 49°16’59.38″N, 123° 6’18.72″W)

Police station interior (3700 2nd Ave., Burnaby; 49°16’4.78″N, 123° 1’21.45″W)

Seacouver bridge (Granville Bridge, Vancouver; 49°16’19.07″N, 123° 8’2.07″W, as viewed from Burrard Bridge; 49°16’32.72″N, 123° 8’9.43″W)

Alley near the antique store where Slan speeds away (Trounce Alley @ Abbott St., Vancouver; 49°17’0.26″N, 123° 6’23.69″W)

Warehouse where Duncan and Connor spar (formerly part of the Dominion Bridge Company property, Burnaby; 49°15’51.05″N, 123° 1’9.47″W) (building no longer exists)

1872 – Dakota Territory (Lakota village massacre aftermath) (Mt. Seymour Provincial Park, North Vancouver; exact coordinates unknown)

1873 – Washington Territory (Duncan builds his cabin on Holy Ground) (Mt. Seymour Provincial Park, North Vancouver; exact coordinates unknown)

Shaman Island establishing shot (Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, North Vancouver; 49°26’26.13″N, 122°58’14.65″W)

Soldier’s Bridge (Duncan MacLeod and Connor MacLeod vs. Slan Quince) (Burrard Bridge, Vancouver; 49°16’31.64″N, 123° 8’11.53″W)

Seacouver streets: Duncan drives to fight Slan (east on W. Cordova St., north on Abbott St., west into Trounce Alley (western end), Vancouver; 49°16’58.90″N, 123° 6’24.22″W)

Duncan’s cabin on Holy Ground (Mt. Seymour Provincial Park, North Vancouver, BC; 49°22’3.85″N, 122°56’50.97″W)




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