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NEWS Acknowledgments 

HLWW would like to thank anyone who regularly forwards us information for our news page.

Unfortunately, since we are an Official Fan Club, we are sometimes precluded from posting information until every letter is dotted and crossed and that means that other sources will sometimes have already unofficially posted about major events before we are able to.

And of course with so much news out there at times, and so many other things going on in HLWW, we may not grab every single item.


What we do set out to do however is act as a News Repository - a place where important Highlander News is captured and retained for fans to easily reference.

Should you have any news you think should appear on our website, please forward it to our webmaster.

Adrian Paul
Highlander Worldwide
Welcome to Highlander Worldwide

Highlander WorldWide is proud to be the OFFICIAL HIGHLANDER FAN CLUB and to provide a focus for Highlander fans worldwide. This website is our tribute to the world of the Immortals and to the visionary people behind the franchise, the producers, writers, directors, cast and crew. 

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Thank you everyone for your continued support of Adrian and The PEACE Fund

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HL Kickstarter Project Grail Quest Books has received the opportunity to develop and publish novels and comic books for one of the most recognized fantasy brands in the world--Highlander! But first they need to acquire the publishing rights, and Davis/Panzer has agreed to give them a once in a lifetime opportunity to do so through the popular Kickstarter website.

You can be a part of this journey by helping raise the funds required to make this happen. Click here to read more and help by passing on the information to all Highlander fans out there. It's time to get the Highlander name out there again with new material to enjoy and read. Make your pledge today and receive some great rewards.


PW becomes a doctor

It seems that after playing so many medical roles, that Peter Wingfield is now turning art into real life.  Peter has resumed his medical studies which he commenced and almost finished before taking up his acting career.  Peter hopes to graduate in four years time as a fully fledged doctor and we wish him the very best.  Go to the PWFC Facebook page for further information about Peter and Project Edan, his charity.

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We've seen a lot of great images, diaries, comments and reports on various forums and blogs and as we are just in the process of getting the pages ready for the addition of the HLWW9 convention, we thought it would be good to add some of those items to the main HLWW site.

So, if you have a photograph, quotes, diary, report or just some comments we could include, why not send them over to Carmel.

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