When one of Richie's friends dies, Duncan wonders if there's a connection to an old Immortal with questionable medical ethics...

Written by Terry Nelson

Directed by Thomas J. Wright

An old friend of Richie’s, Gary Correll, is killed when he apparently robs a diamond merchants and takes a hostage. The crime is blamed on the young man being high, but Richie swears that Gary would never have taken drugs. Duncan notes the particular cranial bruising on Gary’s body and remembers his own encounters with an old immortal named Kiem Sun, a 17th Century Chinese herbalist whose desire to make mankind better led him to take too many chances with his potions, costing the lives of others. Duncan investigates whether there’s any modern connection and Richie heads back to his old neighbourhood to get more answers. In the modern day Kiem Sun isolates himself on holy ground and claims that the last sample of a secret root was stolen by a judas student named Chu Lin. Now Duncan, Kiem and Richie are all on Lin’s trail with scores to settle.

Also featuring:  Soon-Teck Oh (as Kiem Sun), Dustin Ng uyen (as Chu Lin), Christianne Hirt (as Angie), Kim Kondrashoff (as Forks), Wendell Wright (as Sgt. Powell), Alan C. Petersen (as Bartender), Paul Stafford (as Officer No.1 ), Lisa Bunting (as Woman Hostage).

1. Diamond Mart – The Electra, 989 Nelson St [49.281062,-123.125496]
2. Antique store rear exterior – entrance to Sound Stage 3, Bridge Studios, Burnaby [49.263257,-123.019589]
3. Hospital – Eagle Ridge Hospital 475 Guildford Way (2F), Port Moody [49.285318,-122.823608]
4. Hogs Bar ext/int & alley – Carrall St south of Cordova – exterior/interior: 319 Carrall [49.282167,-123.104411], alley: beside 319 Carrall St [49.282042,-123.104703], south of alley: Pioneer Place / Pigeon Park, W Hastings [49.281731,-123.104346]
5. Morgue parking lot – 23 W Pender St [49.281148,-123.105033]
6. Soup Kitchen – old cafeteria building at Bridge Studios, Burnaby [49.263623,-123.019872] 
7. Chinatown – Pt 1: west on E Pender St between Gore & Main [49.28039,-123.098588] 
8. Chinatown – Pt 2: E Georgia & Gore intersection [49.278534,-123.097244]
9. Chinatown – Pt 3: west on E Pender St between Columbia & Carrall [49.280502,-123.102944]
10. Chinatown – Pt 4: 184 Keefer St (Vikon Foods) [49.279481,-123.100412] 
11. Chinatown – Pt 5: 209 E Pender St [49.280444,-123.098944] & Pt 12: parking lot [49.280427,-123.098740]
12. Chinatown – Pts 6,7: 240 E Pender St & driving east past same [49.280292,-123.098524]
13. Chinatown – Pt 8: 212 E Georgia St (Libra Trading Co.) [49.278502,-123.099147] 
14. Chinatown – Pt 9: Keefer & Main intersection [49.279467,-123.099725] 
15. Chinatown – Pt 10: E Pender St, looking west toward Main [49.280306,-123.098992]
16. Chinatown – Pt 11: 215 Keefer St (Wing On Photo) [49.27957,-123.099174]
17. Chinatown – Pt 13: Alley near Chinese Garden [49.279972,-123.1024]
18. Kiem Sun’s temple – Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden [49.279651,-123.103913] 
19. Warehouse – abandoned Versatile Pacific Shipyard [49.309825,-123.079235]



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