SXP Watch Party! Anthony De Longis joins ‘Highlander’ ep viewing…

Join the SXP Facebook group and join in the fun on 19th April...

Get ready “Highlander” Fans!  Join along as 2-time Guest Star ANTHONY DE LONGIS shares insights, stories and trivia in real time about his appearance on the iconic Davis-Panzer TV series HIGHLANDER in our Facebook Watch Party!

When: Sunday, April 19th, 12 Noon PST
Where: SXP: Ultimate Sword Experience Fan Group

We will take a look at Anthony’s 2nd appearance in “Blackmail.” (Season Three, Episode 10) Will Kurlow lose Duncan in the maze? Ask questions in real time as we all watch the episode together. Anthony will be right there to answer and comment! Anthony is well known for the intricate Spanish Circle, La Destreza, used in the “Duende” episode, but he’s also a weapons specialist, writer, stuntman, master of the whip, and a sword master with over 30 movies and 65+ tv shows under his western belt… plus his work with Voiceovers.

We’d love to have you join us, don’t be late. A Notification will go out to all SXP Members just prior to the start of the event. Not a member? Join us on Facebook prior to the event, please.