Booking now open...

Tickets are now available for the Sword Experience which will take place on 20th October at The Gathering convention.  There will now be TWO Sword Experiences, one on Friday morning, the other in the afternoon.


The Sword Experience events are an amazing opportunity to learn the art of screen swordwork – with Highlander‘s Adrian Paul working with you to recreate key choreography as seen on screen. The classes are open to absolute novice and more experienced trainee alike, each member using a wooden bokken training sword to safely master the moves and techniques.  These ‘Experiences’ have proved amazingly popular with Adrian Paul taking them to select venues and events and their limited-attendance numbers  often selling out far in advance.

Later this year Adrian will be taking the Sword Experience to Europe for the first time, but the Gathering convention in Los Angles this October will be the first time he will be giving the opportunity to fans at a specific Highlander event.

You can find out more details  and booking information by visiting the official Sword Experience site’s tour page: