Crushin’ it – James Horan gets squashed for Geico…

James Horan's latest role nearly sees him squeezed out...
Geico Commercial - James Horan

Highlander fans will know that James Horan played Grayson in the Band of Brothers episode during the show’s first season, but he’s had critically-acclaimed roles on stage (such as Man of La Mancha and playing Atticus Finch in the stage play of To Kill a Mockingbird in Hollywood. He is a familiar face on screen (in such series as Star Trek: Enterprise, Criminal Minds, LOST and 24. His voice-talents have featured in a string of animated projects such as Transformers Prime (as Wheeljack), Lego Marvel Superheroes (as Dr. Strange), the Diablo series of computer games,  Command and Conquer, Batman: Arkham City and World of Warcraft: Legion.

He’s also appeared in a raft of popular commercials such as one for Chick-Fil-a and some seriously ‘Presidential’ outings such as those for iMeet and Coke Zero.

His latest role is in Geico‘s deliberately sardonic commercials and in which James gets a little… squashed as well as crushed.