There can be only… The Goldbergs?

The hit ABC comedy and its creator pay a special tribute to Highlander in their 20th February episode...

Highlander Worldwide  were contacted earlier this week with the exciting news that the fantasy franchise is going to be the focus of next week’s episode of ABC‘s hit comedy The Goldbergs

Adam F. Goldberg, executive producer and creator of The Goldbergs, is living out a life-long dream of writing an homage to the Highlander movie, and producing the only sitcom episode that’s ever been made about the movie. His tribute will air on The Goldbergs on Wednesday, February 20 on ABC-TV at 8 p.m.

“Ever since The Goldbergs began, one of my dreams was to write an homage to Highlander,” said Goldberg. “In high school, I was so obsessed with the movie that I started an actual Highlander club with my two best friends Mike Levy and David Sirota. What began as a few geeks hitting each other with swords we made in wood shop soon became a school-wide game with 20 people playing. It became so disruptive that the administration had to shut it down.”

“My Highlander obsession never died and it’s why I ended up casting Clancy Brown (from Highlander) as Mr. Crosby the shop teacher two years ago,” said Goldberg. “I’ve been a longtime fan of his talent and The Goldbergs marks his first network comedy. It was perfectly fitting to put Clancy Brown — The Kurgan — in our Highlander episode which I’ve been waiting to tell ever since the show began. “

“We not only perfectly replicated the costumes and sword choreography, we got Queen’s approval to use their song from the soundtrack,” added Goldberg. “It’s one of my favorite episodes we’ve ever made, and I can safely say the only Highlander sitcom episode that’s been made!”

The Goldbergs’ executive producer Adam F. Goldberg often creates “totally surreal” highlights featuring life-long friends, heroes, idols, and other well-known celebrities from his personal life of growing up in a suburban Philadelphia neighborhood in the 1980s into his show. Look for Levy and Sirota to make an appearance at the conclusion of this episode.

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