Tessa believes she's witnessed a murder, but will anyone believe her?

Written by David Tynan

Directed by Ray Austin

During an exhibition of her work at an art gallery, Tessa strikes up a brief conversation with a woman called Anne Wheeler. Later, she sees Anne arguing with a man at the edge of bridge opposite the hotel. The man becomes physical and when Tessa, momentarily distracted, looks back to the bridge, it appears the woman has fallen to her death. However no-one but Tessa saw the incident and with no body found in the river below, the police are highly sceptical. However, always looking for a story, maybe Randi MacFarland believes her?

The man on the bridge is an Immortal who turns up at the antique store but escapes when challenged. Tessa refuses to leave or be treated as a damsel in distress and Duncan agrees to help – ultimately recognising some of Anne’s work from two decades before in Paris.

As Detective Butler decides to investigate further, he’s unaware that his boss, Andrew Ballin (Tom Butler) IS the man in question and Ballin seems determined to kill the only witness to his crime…

Also featuring: Tim Reid (as Sgt. Bennett), Sheila Paterson (as Greta), Diana Barrington (as Anne Wheeler), Christopher Gaze (as Martin Sorrel), David Patterson (as Detective Taylor) and Amanda Wyss (as Randi MacFarland) – included in the opening credits.

1. Art gallery – 1565 W 7th Ave, Vancouver [49.265396,-123.140216]

2. Downtown streets Pt 1 – Al’s Pizza, 4 Powell St, Vancouver [49.283295,-123.103909]

3. Downtown streets Pt 2 – Bookstore, 213 Carrall St, Vancouver [49.28319,-123.104317]

4. Downtown streets Pt 3 – Carrall & Water intersection, Vancouver [49.283538,-123.104170]

5. Bridge near gallery – Cambie Bridge, Vancouver [49.26597,-123.140516]

6. Science Dome – TELUS Science World, 1455 Quebec St, Vancouver [49.273085,-123.104150]

7. Outside antique store – Blood Alley Square, Vancouver [49.283085,-123.105154]

8. Anne Wheeler’s house – Private residence, 1696 Laurier Ave, Vancouver [49.250650,-123.143800]

9. Police station exterior – Vancouver Police Museum, 240 E Cordova St, Vancouver [49.28214,-123.098223]

10. Street near antique store – Abbott St at W Cordova, Vancouver [49.283183,-123.106611] (looking SW)

11. Seacouver skyline – Seaside Bicycle Route near Cambie Bridge, Vancouver [49.270124,-123.116873]

12. Road to safe house 1 – 2625 Douglas Rd, Burnaby [49.260748,-122.984695]

13. Road to safe house 2 – Norland Ave, Burnaby [49.258932,-122.980013]

14. Richie Ryan is stopped, safe house – Laurel St, Burnaby [49.253584,-122.974468]

15. Police station interior – Highlander Production office at Bridge Studios, Burnaby [49.262841,-123.019334] (original building was torn down in 2017 and has been replaced)




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