Richie searches for his true father and Duncan remembers the pain of losing his own...

Written by Kevin Droney

Directed by Jorge Montesi

When Richie breaks into the Westside Adoption Agency to try to find out more about who his real parents were, he’s caught… but once again bailed out by Duncan. However Richie thinks he’s gained some key information.

Duncan has his own reasons for believing no good will come of it – remembering, all too well, the way he was treated by his father and ultimately banished from his own Clan centuries before. However Richie pursues the lead and meets Joe Scanlon. Joe has fallen on bad times and owes a crooked local casino boss and her henchmen $50,000. Noting that Richie has left a calling card for MacLeod’s antique store, Joe formulates a desperate plan to manipulate both Richie and Duncan…

Also featuring: Peter DeLuise (as Clinch), J E Freeman (as Joe Scanlon), Tamsin Kelsey (as Mrs Gustavson), Walter Marsh (as Mister Stubbs), Matthew Walker (as Ian MacLeod) Mary McDonald (as Old Peasant), Jessica Van Der Veen (as Secretary), Aurelio Dinunzio (as Security Guard)

Additional/Edited scenes for European versions of the episodes…

–Dialog between Mrs. Gustavson and Jack is longer, it’s more obvious that Jack is a crook , a con man –scene in stairwell of orphanage is much longer. The security guard (S) grabs Richie and throws him up against the wall:

S:  Hold it right there!

R: Ah ( he checks guard’s name tag) Harold. What’s the problemo?

S: Did you steal that? ( the file)

R: Before I answer that, Harold, have you had the mandatory course on the prudent and appropriate use of force?

S: Stop talking trash, turn around so I can cuff your ass. ( Forces Richie down onto his knees)

R: I guess that means “No”. . .

S:  Right – “lightning lips” . . .

R: Harold! This is all a test of your security here. I’m an undercover agent with the Public Works Special Investigations Unit. ( Pause) These handcuffs are a little tight, Harold. ( Pause) But that’s OK. According to my stopwatch here, your response was well within our codes.  You should be very happy, Harold!

S: SHUT UP! ( Pulls Richie away)

R: Harold, you forgot the file!

–scene at breakfast much longer. US version basically starts with Richie describing what he remembers of the candy store. Euro version, Duncan, Tessa and Richie moving around kitchen fixing breakfast. Duncan somewhat removed from the other two:

T: Tell us.

D: If I started telling you everything that ever happened to me. . .

T: Let me be the judge of that.

D: My father couldn’t grasp what had happened.

R: Who could? I mean. . . there you were. . . back on your feet all of a sudden, a zombie in a kilt. ( They all laugh)

D: You know. . . I think I was more terrified than he was. (Pauses) We were a primitive people, superstitious. Fear ruled our lives. What lay on the other side of the mountains was beyond imagination.

T: Then can you blame your father?

D: ( Sad, still hurt after all these years) I did at first. There were days in that first bitter winter in the Highlands that I just wanted to die. ( Pauses, remembering, half-smile) But I couldn’t. ( Pauses, remembering, then pulls himself together) Well, my family problems are history. Richie’s are here and now. ( Approaches Richie) There is a proverb in Northern India: ” If you go hunting tigers, be sure you are prepared to find one”

R: Meaning I may not like what I find? < resume US version> D: Why do you want to know *now*. . .

–scene with Richie looking for candy store is longer –dialog with Mr. Stubbs in park is longer. There is dialog by Stubbs about remembering Richie and how he liked licorice, about always giving service with a capital S, about Emily dying so young only 30, and the authorities whisking Richie off to orphanage –guy beating up Jack at hotel is longer –talk between Richie and Jack, about Richie’s family/Jack’s past is longer. Nothing substanitive. –the end is  different. US version stops when Duncan tells Richie that he gets to choose who he is. Euro version: Richie is sitting in the recently re-tuned T-Bird – revving the engine. Duncan comes out, listens to Richie rev the engine.

R: Got it tuned up nice!

D: Yah ( not totally pleased, but smiling)

R: Kind of makes a statement.

D: And what am I saying when I make this statement?

R: I don’t know. . . here I am world? Something like that.

D: (reaches under hood and engine slows down) Well, that is *your* statement. My statement is “I’m just passing through.”

R: Just passing through. ( Disappointed) You want me to tone it down? Hey, its your car. ( little-boy pleading) Just one more time?

D: ( reaches back under hood) Go for it! Richie revs engine, they both laugh.

1. Gustavson’s Casino / Spinning Wheel Hotel – 210 Carrall St (49.282908,-123.104171)
2. West Side Orphanage exterior – 118 Powell St (49.283183,-123.101539)
3. Alexander St. Police Station – 25 Alexander St (49.283584,-123.103631)
4. Streets of Seacouver (drive from police station) – Columbia & Powell intersection (49.283275,-123.102214) to (49.283245,-123.102473), then southeast on W Hastings (49.283232,-123.110626)
5. Antique store rear exterior – entrance to Sound Stage 3, Bridge Studios, Burnaby (49.263257,-123.019589)
6. Glenfinnan & Highlands – Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver (49.394595,-123.207767)
7. Outside antique store – Blood Alley Square (49.283085,-123.105154)
8. Streets of Seacouver (walking) – Maple Tree Square: Pt 1: 46 Alexander St, looking toward 26 Powell St (under construction) (49.283361,-123.103805) & Pt 11: Powell & Carrall intersection (49.283274,-123.104124)
9. Streets of Seacouver (walking) – along Granville St: Pts 2,3,5,7,10: near 1061 Granville (49.278613,-123.124123), Pt 4: crossing Granville (49.278746,-123.123779), Pt 6: Arcade at 1039 Granville (49.279012,-123.123201), & Pt 8: 1018 Granville (TENTS sign) (49.278982,-123.123302)
10. Street of Seacouver (walking) – Pt 9: 654 Nelson St (downhill from hotel) (49.278832,-123.122501)
11. Games Workshop – 203 Carrall St (49.283326,-123.104366)
12. Small city park (establishing) – southeast corner of Oppenheimer Park (49.282378,-123.093846)
13. Small city park (chess game) – Exterior of building at Bridge Studios, Burnaby (49.263699,-123.020010)
14. Streets of Seacouver (drive to hotel) – west on Alexander St (49.284065,-123.100401), unidentified street
15. Hotel room – old cafeteria building, Bridge Studios, Burnaby (49.263715,-123.019431)
16. Seacouver skyline – looking north from Choklit Park (approximately) (49.265662,-123.128910)
17. Travel Agency – 217 Carrall St (49.283097,-123.104380)



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