Now is the time of the Quarantine: HL cast are Holy Ground-ed!

This week, the cast of Highlander got together... virtually... to discuss Immortal social-distancing...

This week, Davis-Panzer‘s Kareem Dimashkie helped organise a virtual get-together for some familiar faces. HLWW‘s own John Mosby moderated the ZOOM meeting that featured Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield, Jim Byrnes, Elizabeth Gracen and David Abramowitz for an informal meet-up to see how everyone’s coping with the recent lockdowns and social-distancing caused by the coronavirus.

And everyone’s been busy: Adrian has a new baby… Peter’s being performing heart transplants and everyone’s crossing fingers for future plans when the current ‘new-normal’ is done with.

Join them for an hour-long chat in the time of the Quarantine…