It's De Longis day as Anthony and Dr.Mary show you the ropes... and the whips... and the swords...
Anthony De Longis workshop...

Our favourite whipmaster and talented swordsman Anthony De Longis will be bringing his unique skill-set to a masterclass on the Friday of the event.  His workshops and display of skills usually only takes place for visiting guests and professional students at the De Longis home and working ranch, Rancho Indalo, but on rare occasions the show goes on the road! For The Gathering, we’re delighted that Anthony will be exploring the full breadth of his talents and  offering THREE different TWO-HOUR classes. He will be assisted by his wife, the lovely Dr. Mary De Longis, who handles a whip with the same deadly accuracy and precision. Beauty and danger in one explosive package!

Each class will cost $75.00 and you can sign-up by clicking the respective PayPal links (below) for each section as required. Payment can be accepted now. There will be a limit of 22 students for each class. It may be possible to make final payment on the day as long as by prior arrangement.

Participants need have no previous experience… than being able to walk, listen and have an eagerness to learn. Students should come in comfortable attire with long sleeves and eye protection (cap and glasses) as applicable.

Any questions or clarifications, please contact ‘Team De Longis’ via directly…

7:00am – 9:00am

Mastering the Bullwhip – The Supersonic Flexible Blade

Anthony’s system with the whip utilises sword basics as its foundation and is effortless, accurate, elegant, very safe and can be done successfully by anyone who can walk and wave (not at the same time). This is a rare opportunity to learn his unique system of whip artistry and follow in the steps of stars such as Michelle Pfeiffer (in her role as Catwoman) and Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) whom Anthony trained for key cinematic scenes.

Techniques studied and performed in this workshop Master Class will include the eight angles of attack including vertical, horizontal, ascending and descending diagonal strikes on both the forehand and backhand sides. These will be explored in both simple direct throws, as well as compound figures and flowing combinations so the whip virtually never stops moving. Precision targeting and working with a partner will also be examined.

You may bring your own whip or use one provided by the DeLongis’.

This class costs $75. Payments can be made through PayPal ( ID: )  Please mark any payment / note with the subject-line of: Mastering the Bullwhip Class (Gathering) and include your convention registration number.

9.30am – 11.30am:

The Swordmaster’s Tool-Chest: Katana vs. German Longsword

Two types of swords and two swordmasters as Anthony de Longis and F Braun McAsh join forces!

There are many types of swords, each with their own particular ‘pros’ and ‘cons’.  Some are fast and furious, some are heavier but no less effective… but they all require skill and differing applications. In this workshop, Anthony reaches into the ‘swordmaster’s tool-chest‘  to explore contrasting fighting styles when actively pitted against each other, specifically the Japanese Katana and German Langenschwert.

Discover the advantages and vulnerabilities of each weapon and the way that the sword can be an extension of the the combatant as much as a defensive weapon in itself.

This class costs $75. Payments can be made through PayPal ( ID: )  Please mark any payment / note with the subject-line of:  Katana/Longsword (Gathering) and include your convention registration number.

2.30pm – 4.30pm:

The Art of Double Weapons

You have two hands… so why only use one of them?  Double the weapons, double the fun! This class explores the use, combat and choreography of utilising double weapons.

The class includes working with twin stick techniques – from Filipino Kali through to European and Japanese double sword techniques. In addition we’ll explore the use of the ‘checking’ hand and companion weapons such as knives, bucklers and daggers.

This class costs $75. Payments can be made through PayPal ( ID: )  Please mark any payment / note with the subject-line of: Double Weapons (Gathering) and include your convention registration number.