At the box office

$30,000,000 (estimated)

Despite its negative reputation Highlander II was commercial success worldwide at the box office. In America it grossed nearly 3 times as the original.In the UK it pulled in $9,319,978 at the end of its run there.In Germany the movie also did well making nearly 7 million.In Spain it pulled in 1,128,132 admissions at the end of its run.In Australia in did $2,616,414.

Also known as
Highlander 2
Argentina / Slovenia

A Hegylakó visszatér

Hegylakó 2.

Duelo Imortal - Parte II

Highlander 2 - det endelige opgør

Highlander 2: De bezieling

Highlander 2: Yomigaeru senshi

Highlander II - Die Rückkehr

Highlander II - paluu

Highlander II, il ritorno

Highlander, le retour

Inmortales II: El desafío, Los

Niesmiertelny II


Highlander II Trivia

The undernoted are just a few of the bits of trivia we have amassed over the years. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have something to add.

Christopher Lambert Completed production exactly four years later to the day of the first Highlander (1986)
An unfilmed credit sequence would have shown Ramirez and MacLeod reincarnated as their Earthly identities. Ramirez is born to an ancient Egyptian, and MacLeod is born to a Scottish peasant in 1518.
Originally, Ramirez was not supposed to be in the film. However, 'Christopher Lambert' had become such good friends with Sean Connery during the making of the original, that he threatened to back out of this film if Connery's character was not added to the sequel.
Cameo: [Russell Mulcahy] A technician at Shield Control during the flashback to 1999.
Shortly after production on this film began, Back to the Future Part II (1989) was released. The design team then went back to the drawing board to make the flying sleds used by the Zeist assassins in this film look less like the Spielberg/Zemeckis "Hoverboards".
Michael Ironside's makeup accentuates a real scar the actor has on his left temple. Ironside
Christopher Lambert and Michael Ironside did most of their stunts.
In the renegade version, a documentary following the film has the filmmakers explain why the original theatrical release contradicted the first film. According to them, the inflation in Argentina had risen so high during filming that the film's insurance company started to take creative control, and made a film they thought would make the most money.
'Christopher Lambert' was so disgusted with the re-written script that he wanted to drop out of production, but due to contractual obligation he was forced to finish the film.
Cameo: [Russell Mulcahy] A technician at Shield Control during the flashback to 1999.
Christopher Lambert damaged his hand
During the course of filming Christopher Lambert cut his finger to the bone in the first sword fighting scene and Michael Ironside dislodged his jaw in the dome fight.
Also in the screenplay: While above the shield, Connor discovers Ramirez katana sword, magically returned to him.
The director disliked the theatrical cut so much, he left the premiere after only 15 minutes.
The original screenplay had The Kurgan from the first Highlander film as a henchman of General Katana, sent to Earth to prevent MacLeod and Ramirez from successfully obtaining "The Prize." Clancy Brown was contacted about reprising his role in the sequel in a cameo, but declined, due to the extensive makeup requirements (he is allergic to makeup).
Sean Connery received $3.5 million for nine days of filming.
Virginia Madsen had auditioned for Heather in the original Highlander (1986).
The two punk assassins arrival on Earth, during an elaborate wine-tasting sequence, was never filmed.
According to the screenplay: One day on Zeist equals one century on Earth. Planet Zeist

In unused scenes, it is explained that the Kurgan from the first film was also a resident of the dreaded planet Zeist, hired by General Katana (Michael Ironside) to kill Connor MacLeod ('Lambert, Christopher' ).

The final battle between MacLeod and the Kurgan from the 1986 film is shown on a large screen to Zeist bettors, and when the Kurgan fails, Katana sends down the two assassins featured in the final cut of the film to take out MacLeod

The final fight scene between MacLeod and Katana is composed of two seperate battles. They are shown correctly in the renegade version.
Russell Mulcahy was so frustrated at being locked out of production that he tried to have his credit changed to "Alan Smithee". However, a section of his contract forbade him from publicly attacking the film before it was released; the producers informed him that if he had his credit changed they would consider it an attack and launch a lawsuit against him.
Stock footage from Highlander II: The Quickening was used in episodes of Highlander: The Series, particularly in the opening credits and "Quickening" sequences.
All the subsequent Highlander productions ignore Highlander II, as if it never happened
John C. McGinley made his character's voice as deep as possible in an effort to imitate Orson Welles. He has since admitted that it was a bad idea
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