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Jim Byrnes Live at Blue Frog Studios (concert footage)…

Be a Watcher and a Listener as Jim entertains the audience and the interwebs...

One of our favourite guests at Highlander WorldWide events is the multi-talented Jim Byrnes – not just a great actor but also an award-winning musician and bluesman.

So it was great to have the opportunity to hear him play live at the Blue Frog Studios this past weekend thanks to the miracle of streaming technology. For those who couldn’t see it live, Blue Frog‘s facebook page now has the amazing concert available in full.

We’re hoping Jim will be playing us some of his memorable favourites at the Gathering convention in October, but for now, here’s a taste of the man’s talents … and remember to ‘friend’ the Blue Frog facebook page….

Jim Byrnes – Live at Blue Frog Studios

Jim Byrnes performs live at Blue Frog Studios. April 29 2017.

Publicado por Blue Frog Studios en Sábado, 29 de abril de 2017