Highlander WorldWide announces its anniversary event...
HLWW - The Gathering

Here’s where we’ll give you the latest information and press releases on HLWW’s next convention, The GATHERING, scheduled for 20th-22nd October 2017 at the Crowne Plaza (LAX) in Los Angeles.  

Simply scroll down for previous entries and information and remember you can find us – and ask questions – on our additional facebook page designed specifically for this event:  CLICK HERE


Once again – let us know via facebook’s event page if you have ANY trouble booking hotel rooms for the correct nights and the correct rates.

The hotel has promised they are sorting things for us more efficiently than they were doing…and if they don’t think there are rooms left for any specific night for us, there definitely ARE + we can update reserved room allocation numbers every 24hrs if needed.
It’s important to us that failures at the hotel’s (usually more organised) booking level don’t continue or reflect badly on the main event.


17th March Announcement…

Firstly, thank you to everyone for your patience.

We have said from ‘day one’ that we wanted to make sure that this convention – like all our previous weekends – was run to highest standard and in an effort to do that, we’ve waited until we’ve absolutely confirmed and double-checked everything to the best of our ability to make announcements.

With the ‘worldwide’ aspect of our organization, that means working across various time-zones and that in turn sometimes means moving at a slower pace than we’d like, but it’s worth it.

So… we’re happy to announce a raft of updates (cue trumpets, trombones and maybe a triangle or two…)



It is now possible to book your rooms at the LAX Crowne Plaza at the special discounted rate that we’ve organized through the hotel: $140 per night. Their number is +1 310 642 7500 and you need to quote: “Highlander WorldWide Code S20” to get this special rate. The rate is good from Thursday night through Sunday night (inclusive) and is a significant reduction on their normal prices for bookings which allow cancellations.

Two important things:

As we are working with the hotel in blocks of bookings, there still may be times when the hotel have to check back with us if they reach a temporary allocation limit. As we’ve mentioned, this is usually a temporary situation – just send HLWW an e-mail or message here and we’ll look into it and check if more need to be allocated. It’s usually only a 24hr hold.

Secondly: the hotel’s event set-up may default to a ‘King’ room when booking which may also skew the figures of what is left available on any night. Should you contact the hotel for booking and be allocated a ‘King’ room when you actually want a ‘Double’, you merely need to speak to ‘In-House Reservations’ (their direct-line, if necessary, is +1 310 642 7500) who will easily switch the booking. Again, this advice is just a fail-safe to make sure that everyone gets the number of rooms and nights they actually want.

Also note that Fri 20th is set aside for special Workshops being run by certain guests (including Adrian’s Sword Experience) so if you are doing these Workshops we would suggest you consider arriving Thursday 19th.




We’ve already announced that ADRIAN PAUL and ELIZABETH GRACEN will be joining us and now we can confirm that three more favourites will also be with us…
JIM BYRNES – actor, musician and Watcher – will be joining us for the weekend as will Sword Master F. BRAUN McASH and show-runner DAVID ABRAMOWITZ. All three men are fan favourites with many a tale of their experiences on the show and beyond. Is the pen mightier than the sword, is the sword mightier than the ‘ax’… we think they are all essential to all things Highlander..!  Watch out for many more names in the weeks to come…


As mentioned this Gathering will technically be up to a three day experience. Whilst Saturday and Sunday will be our main convention – full of panels, discussions, Q&As and other fun – Friday will be our ‘extra’ day, a day totally given to classes being taught by some of our guests.

Already confirmed for Friday’s line-up are Adrian Paul’s Sword Experience, Elizabeth Gracen’s Fan Kata classes and F Braun McAsh’s Knife Class. (We will be able to give you more details of other possible classes – provided by some other familiar faces – shortly). Please note, though they will provide a great opening salvo, these classes are being run by our individual guests who will have their own pricings for these classes and these are not included in the main weekend con-ticket price. Guests will also have their own booking procedures for the classes. They will have limited spaces and in many other cases have often sold out quickly. We will, of course, help them spread the word and give details of times and bookings as they wish.


It’s been several years since our last event and we’ve done our best to keep the costs for this event as low as possible while still making sure we can deliver major bang for your buck! We are not a massive SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) type event, but a more ‘boutique’, up close and personal event and the only one endorsed by Davis-Panzer. We are planning on a maximum of around 250 attendees. What we offer is a more in-depth and multi-layered experience, geared to conversation and community rather than the massive autograph-led events you can find elsewhere and which charge for those aspects more heavily.
For that reason, we’re running the event with a baseline access price… and then allowing people who want more to select what extras they wish.

General Admission:  $280
This includes: Con booklet/schedule, a spiffy and essential ID badge (obviously!). Admission to all Saturday/Sunday panels + 1 free autograph from our six major guests (including Adrian, Elizabeth, David, Jim). *Some guests may offer further opportunities or merchandise for which they will charge.

Preferred Seating: $340
As above, but limited to the first three rows. This will also automatically include closer tables/seats to the stage at the cabaret/concert should you also choose to purchase tickets for that event.

Meet ‘n’ Greet: $125
Taking place in a private room/area on the Friday evening – a chance to mingle more casually with our main guests. The price includes the great company, finger-food/ nibbles and soft drinks. This is strictly limited to 50 places.

Saturday Evening Cabaret:  $80      Join us for another acclaimed cabaret/concert in which our guests let down their hair and entertain us with some of their other skills and talents. This also includes nibbles/finger food + soft drinks.

Friday Classes: Various prices.

As stated above, our guests will be releasing details shortly.

Bookings will be available from Saturday 1st April and we will provide you with the correct link later this week. (Please note that it is possible to ADD these extras to your weekend later – IF spaces still remain – though we advise you to book early as these extras are popular)



We will only refund registration monies for the convention in the unlikely event that the convention has to be cancelled (and pro rata, as costs kick-in if you personally cancel). We have NEVER cancelled an event we’ve organised, but have to have this policy so that we are firmly aware of all upfront costs being covered as we proceed.

Should you pay to attend and find you cannot make it, we will be happy to TRY and find out if anyone is willing to take your place and transfer your registration. In that situation, we reserve the right to be able to approve that arrangement so we can provide suitable ID/registration at the event.

Hotel rooms can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the event and we always advise taking out travel insurance.

Highlander WorldWide events bring fans from around the world and we have always prided ourselves on our diversity, safe environment and friendly atmosphere. Our community is famous for welcoming old and new faces into our activities – whatever their nationalities, cultures, beliefs or opinions – and whether this is your first convention or merely your latest, we feel sure you’ll make new friends. We will do our best to make sure, within our ability and resources, that individuals have a great time.

We do live in ‘interesting times’ where people have passionate opinions on a range of topical subjects and we always encourage tolerant exchanges of ideas and beliefs… but we expect everyone to treat the convention as a ‘sanctuary for all’ and ‘holy ground’ and behave accordingly and respectfully. Indeed, it is this approach that has resulted in one of the friendliest fan communities in existence.

Weapons are not allowed and any bladed item brought for signing must be ‘safe-bonded’. In the unprecedented case of someone behaving in a manner that the committee deem to be unsuitable or disruptive, the committee reserve the right to ultimately remove an individual from the event without recompense or recourse if necessary.

If you have any special needs please alert us in advance. We will always seek ways to help and accommodate requests where possible.

Hope to see as many of you as possible for what is going to be a unique Highlander experience.

Carmel Macpherson
Highlander WorldWide



1st March Announcement…

Highlander WorldWide
is proud to officially confirm that it will be running its next event in Los Angeles this October. It will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Highlander television series and explore its unique and enduring legacy.

Dates: Friday October 20th – Sunday 22nd, 2017
Location: Crowne Plaza within a few blocks of LAX, situated on West Century Blvd.

“We’ve been thinking about running another event for some time,” said HLWW’s President Carmel Macpherson. “Highlander fans deserve the very best and it takes time and effort to make sure that all the right elements are in place to make that happen. We’ve always taken pride in following through with all our promises of quality AND quantity. For the last year we’ve been exploring the best way to truly mark the anniversary of a show that’s meant so much to so many people.”

Who will be joining the event?

“We’re delighted to announce that ADRIAN PAUL and ELIZABETH GRACEN are our first two announced guests – they’ve been so supportive of us over the years and it will be great to team-up with them again. However, this is just the beginning… our guest-list is already growing and we know that you’ll be as excited with the final line-up as we – and they – are!” Carmel notes.

The exact schedule for the THREE-day event is still being worked on, but the event promises the usual mix of fun…

“As always, we want to achieve a strong balance of activities,” Carmel explains. “In the past we’ve had a mix of ambitious panels, screenings and evening entertainment and we’ll continue with those mainstays. The first day of the event will be a series of classes and workshops, up close and personal with some of the talented performers who’ve contributed so much to the world of Highlander. This will include Adrian Paul’s Sword Experience.
We also like to think that we have been at the forefront of using technology and we’ll be expanding the experience into other areas of multimedia which we’ll reveal as we move forward…”.

“We chose LA because of two things.: closeness of hotel to airport (served by shuttle) and the fact that it is the home of so many people connected with Highlander. The Crowne Plaza is easily accessible, has good facilities and an existing reputation for hosting genre events. Being only a few minutes away from the airport couldn’t be a better choice. It will be a great base of operations for our planned weekend and for anyone wanting to explore LA and all it has to offer further…”.

Full details of how to book your place and accommodation for this event will be released soon and there will be regular updates in the days and weeks to come, especially with the imminent relaunch of the Highlander WorldWide website that you’re reading right now!

HLWW looks forward to seeing old friends and new ones this October…

Carmel Macpherson
President, HLWW on behalf of the HLWW Committee.